The lab has been been awarded ERC Advanced grant 2018 over 5 years by the European Council to unravel the mechanism of eukaryote secretion system.



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Catherine Suarez won the best poster award at the EMBO workshop Molecular Advances and Parasite Strategies in Host Infection in Les Embiez (30 sept - 3 oct).
“A novel lipid-binding protein mediates rhoptry discharge and invasion in Plasmodium falciparum and Toxoplasma gondii parasites”.

cethy poster

Picture with her former labmate Amandine Guérin (now in Boris Striepen lab, UPENN) who also won the Poster Price.




Eleonora Aquilini won the best talk award at MPM2018 in Woods’hole, MA.


.She is invited to present her work “An alveolate conserved mechanism is implicated in rhoptries secretion event during Apicomplexa invasion” at ASTMH 67th Annual Meeting Oct 28 - Nov 1 in New Orleans.